About Dracowolf

About the shop and artist

Lindsay Baldassano, Priestess of Dracowolf, Witch Crafter at large, Chief Visionary

Since the early 90’s (the era of high bangs and Magic the Gathering), I knew I would love to be a working witch. It took a BA in Anthropology, a ton of travel, living in Russia, and raising a family to find my Craft and my craft to the point where I was pulling in priestess-level energy and wisdom into everything I was doing. 


Let’s face it, life can be pretty disenchanting on it’s own. It’s up to the witches to bring the magick into this world, our families, and our communities. 


It took me a while to own up to my like of design and accessories, as I’m a deeper thinker and feeler than most. But it came down to something my Grandma DiBlasi taught me. She had an outfit for every occasion (and a set of pumps, but I’m not a heel chick). How she looked was an expression of who she felt she was. 


That level of personal magick is something to strive for. Finding that place within us, whether we are in or out of the broom closet, where we can express our magick, our intentions, our mystical Will is something this world needs. 

Where I get my ideas from

Our collections are based around my perception of the energies behind intentions, deity, and seasonal shifts. The herbs and other correspondences I draw on are a mix of traditional magick and intuitive flow. 

I love working from a semi-historical aesthetic. I come from a recreationist’s perspective of what could be, rather than being solely focused on accuracy. My deep thinking anthropologist brain loves drawing on symbolism and function of artifacts from our past, and my witchy side loves drawing on eras and beliefs where certain energies were more prevalent. 




The Workshop

For me crafting isn’t something separate from Crafting, the focus and execution needed for spell and ritual work is also needed for creative work for others!

Now my magick is not greater or better than yours, but Dracowolf helps you by creating stylish, ready-to-use in spellwork jewelry, accessories,  and decor. 

Our gemstones centerpieces are ethically sourced where possible, and then cleansed and healed (from any trauma they might have ). If healing isn’t possible, they are given a safe retirement home with witches who will love them as is. All materials sit in ritual space, as my alter and working studio space are combined.

The Mission

Dracowolf is a confluence of wolf energy and Draco the constellation, Earth and Cosmic energies. Dracowolf has always stood for sanctuary and safety in community. The things which magick almost invariable stirs within us expresses itself as counter-culture, rebellious, and almost always insanely creative. We LOVE that about the Pagan community and choose to honor that Spark of life. 

“Energy is everything!”

 Lindsay Baldassano

Some my fav Creations

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