About Us

Dracowolf is the vision of the Baldassano Family. Rob and Lindsay are active members in the Society for Creative Anachronism and love to teach and learn about life in the Middle and Renaissance ages. Rob works as an Internet Security Specialist and Lindsay is more of the artistic sort. She opened the shop at Dracowolf to support her crafting addictions and the Mind-Body-Health community. Rob and Lindsay are both ordained ministers through the Universal Life Church. Lindsay is a Reiki Master/Teacher and offers sessions and classes for Reiki and Energy Medicine.

In the SCA, Rob and Lindsay are the founders of House Odlahorde. Our Server has numerous personal or SCA household websites hosted as a courtesy of Dracowolf. Some of these pages were built and/or are maintained by Rob and Lindsay, as a donation of time and energy to our organization. See our Not-for-profit page to see our donated sites. Not only do we spend time in building and maintaining sites, but we also train interested individuals to work with HTML and PHP to maintain their own office, personal, household, or ecommerce sites. For more information about our web work and services, click here.

Every year we hold a number of parties and other activities, which can be seen on the " personal" pages, including an "All Hallows Eve" party, and a large White Elephant Christmas/Yule Party, Click here to see the latest invitation.

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Dracowolf has been owned and operated by the Baldassano Family since 1992.