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Are you ready to start earning rewards by spreading Dracowolf magick??

Our reward points are called Stars. You can use those Star Rewards toward discounts on future purchases!  

100 Stars equals $1 toward a future purchase, even your first one.

You can earn stars for helping to spread the magick of Dracowolf and for making purchases. See below for more information on how to earn Draco’s stars. 

And you get a free chakra coloring PDF book!!

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Here's how you earn reward points

Your Star reward points will be added to your account automatically for all actions we can track. Star redemption can happen on any purchase over $10. 

Plus they are easy to use! You can redeem your points by checking the box for redemption while you are checking out!

Here's 3 steps to start earning Reward Stars today

1. First of all you have to a member of Dracowolf! So sign up right now.

You have be signed up in the system in order start earning rewards points. It’s quick and easy and we never sell our customer’s information!

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2. If you already own a Dracowolf product, even a custom order, go to the Facebook page, make sure to like and follow and then post a pic of your product (earning you 200 stars, making 400 total, including the 200 pnts for having signed up in the past. That’s $4 off your next purchase!).

3. Make a purchase from our magickal catalog! If you buy two necklaces, one for $25 and one for $25, you could earn 50 stars, or $.50 off your next purchase!

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