We chose Dracwolf.com as a domain name because of our interests in dragons (i.e. Draco -- the constellation), and wolves (and in conjunction with this Orion's companion, the hunting dog). Since we were merging ideas between the founding members of the domain, and those ideas of the team who later became "dracowolf.com" we decided that we might as well merge the two words. Draco is one of the oldest forms of the word for dragon, and since we have an affinity for the past, and living our history, we thought it was fitting to have Draco as part of the company name.

Since we are moving forward into the age of service and information, sharing this with friends and family, it was our desire to foster the family tribe, or pack mentality. This coupled, again, with our interest in the wolf, gave way to the term "dracowolf". While there are other sites out there that relate to draco-wolves, there is only one "Dracowolf", and that of course is right here.

Dracowolf has been owned and operated by the Baldassano Family since 1992.