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Who is House Odla Horde?

OdlaHorde is a House hold of Family & friends in the SCA.
We play or have played in the SCA with a number of other groups including

The House principal has permanently moved from the West Kingdom to Aethelmearc, and is enjoying a resurgence of activity levels.
Our Members are:
Active Members Non-active household members
Eirik Haarfager Göransson Eirik's Page Michel l'estropie de Montserrat
Michel is currently residing in the State of Kansas (confusion)
Fru Ellisif of Endless Hills Sven Eriksen
Sven is currently in living in Colorado
Ian Eiriksson
Stephen Eiriksson
Helga Eriksdottir Helga
Yulia Eiriksdottir Kalvin of Otherwhen Kalvin is living in Maine with his family.
Wenthelen Eiriksdottir - The lass has gone off to school
Gavin Crawford - gone off to new pastures, following the horses. (we told him to be careful of the road apples)

How to Do Stuff:

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put on an event Just relax it will happen :D
build a b - o -m -b Don't. it's illegal

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