You are cordially invited to an All Hallow's Eve party at
Directions to Dracowolf Estates
Costumes are recommended (STRONGLY urged) but not required. As happens every year, spirits abound at this time. You can decide if you will need a costume to try and hide from the Spirits of Halloween Night or not. Prizes awarded for best costume, most scary, and cutest costume of the night.

This is a family-friendly party, but children's and adult activities will be held separately. For the everyone, we have the Nightmare Before Christmas Board game, the Harry Potter Scene it! game, mummy wrapping contests, bobbing for apples, storytelling and smores around a bonfire and other traditional hallow's eve fun stuff.

Adult guests are asked to bring an hauntingly good snacky food or appetizer of their choosing and their beverage of choice. We will be having embalming fluid (hot, spiced apple cider), rotted gallstones on a stick (caramel apples), spiced puss (pumpkin mousse), brains served still in skull (spaghetti in a skull bowl), cat litter cake, bloody fingers (lil' smokies in BBQ sauce), homemade maggot stew (beef stew with orzo), and many more disgustingly good delectibles.

This year we have added a "Disgusting Delectible" contest! So bring your most stomach wretching dish and see if it wins a prize! Prizes donated by Dracowolf.

If you have any questions, call us at 570-868-7338 to talk to Rob or Lindsay.

Or, you can email us at or


This party is sponsored by the friends and artisans of