The Annual Baldassano Yule Party  !! it's 1999

Yep, we've been doing this since 1996

This is our 18th Annual party

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Saturday December 5th, 2015 at 7:00 P.M.

At the home of Rob [Eirik] and Lindsay [Ellisiff] Baldassano (see directions)
If you want to know about the names Eirik and Ellisif, ask us at the party... after all, isn't conversation part of what you do at parties?
Why anyone who has received this invitation of course.
Please RSVP so we know who we will be expecting....
... is happening? The Baldassano's (House Ödla Horde) are hosting their annual Yule Party. To help celebrate the holiday season.
...should I bring?
Please bring:
  • yourselves (of course) and any family and friends you would like.
  • an hors de' Ouvres type of dish - The following is our breakdown by last name
    • A - C Chips & crackers & Dip
    • D - F Meat dish (Hot or Cold)
    • G - N Desserts
    • O - Q Drinks (alcoholic or non)
    • R - T veggie dish (Hot or Cold)
    • U - Z Cups & plates, Plastic ware & Napkins
    • (Anyone) drinks (non-alcoholic:Egg Nog, soda, water, juice)

  • ALL At least 1 wrapped and unmarked white-elephant gift valued at between $5& $20 (Per person)
    For children's gifts (i.e. kids under 12), the value should be between $5 and $20, and should be age appropriate.
    It's more fun if you can bring a couple of gifts.
    • it can be Really Cool, silly, fun, or "Oh My God !! where did that come from!!".
    • It should be wrapped, but without any markings of who it's from or for.
    • You do not have to "Buy" something, if you already have a gift about the house that is appropriate for the party.
      note that appropriate is in the eye of the gift giver, although you may end up "stuck" with your own gift if you bring something too "off".
    • Something you made yourself is always a good option as well. We are craft friendly people, and love seeing home made items... food counts as a home made item by the way, so if you make something special for Christmas, make one more for the party :D (cookies, cake, other food items, etc. these are all good options)
  • A good rule of thumb...
    "Would I think this was a fun/cool gift if I got it for Christmas?"
    If you answered Yes... then good, it's a great gift.
    If you answered no... then put that one in the pile for the party, and pick up another one as well.
  • special drinks (if you have a special requirement for drinks, like "I can't drink Brandy", or "I really prefer Joachim Rum over Captain Morgans" -- although why? -- )
  • a smile
  • and your festive attitudes.

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It's much better to heat the house with the warmth of friends and famikly, than by way of a heater. ... because it's a much more pleasant experience to get a friendly smile, than it is to get the PP&L bill. (hehe)
And why did Rob & Lindsay start the White Elephant party?
If you want to know what a "White Elephant party" is all about, click this link.
The party idea started for the Baldassano's because of Rob's Aunt Gerry, who was holding her own White Elephant parties for work. When she invited Rob and his family to the first party she had at home, Rob thought it was a great idea, and ran with it, way back in 1996.
If we have to explain how to party... maybe you should show up early, and plan to stay late?
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Yes, we will be hosting Our Annual Yuletide party. We have invited a number of our good friends and "family" to join us in this festive time. we will have movies and other activities for the children, We'll have "stuff to drink" munchies and of course
The ever popular "White Elephant gift exchange"

We have 3 gift exchange games.
  • A 12 and under exchange, for the little ones. This is simply a gift grab. no stealing involved. Swaps after the game can be done, but during the game we've found it is easier to let the kids keep what they open. This way they don't get upset by having something "stolen" from them.
  • A Teen exchange. As many of you parents may know, teenagers have a much different view of the world than their younger siblings and their parents. For that reason, we keep the teen gifts separate. This exchange follows the rules as listed below, but, for reasons of propriety, we keep their exchange separate from the adults. Please mark your teen oriented gift with a "T" on the wrapping paper.
  • Adult (or over 21) exchange. Please note that this exchange may have some items that are of an adult nature. alcohol, funny or interesting gifts from shops that only allow adults, etc. We therefore respectfully ask that all children vacate to the game room during this portion of the party. We're trying something new this year, for your adult oriented gift, please draw, or label, your gift with a scarlet "A", this way we know we are committing adultery, err I mean that the gift is adult oriented.

  • Rules for the White Elephant gift exchange
    • The person who's birthday is closest to "Santa's Birthday" gets to start (Rob [Eirik] is not allowed to start the game).
    • First round everyone picks a present from the pile
    • Second round and subsequent rounds, you can pick from the pile, or steal from somebody else.
    • If you get a gift that you "CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT !!", you have 2 options...
      • Claim "MINE MINE MINE" and that gift is dead, but you can no longer pick up new gifts... You can still steal gifts (stealing explained below). -- This option is for one gift only, and can not be revoked once invoked.
      • Claim "I'm out" and everything you have is now out of the game.
        With this option, you are stuck with any "undesired" gifts you may have.
    • When all gifts have been "opened" the exchange continues until the person just before the first person to have picked up a gift (the person who started the whole game)
    • Stealing Explained:
      • You have to give up one item in order to steal another from a player. i.e. it must be an exchange.
      • When an item has been "stolen" 3 times, it's dead.
      • The item "given away" to steal something does not count towards it's death count.
Note: There are typically some really hot items in the gift exchange.
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  • Other rules for the party.
    1. All participants SHALL have fun, or else...
    2. We have cats. We have 9 cats. If you are allergic, take meds before attending please.
    3. We have a dog, he's a big dumb loveable dog. (see above)
    4. The main door for entry to the party is off of the back of the house.... if you use the front door, you may be there a while.
    5. There are smokers in the house. (nuf said)
    6. Nuclear bombs are not allowed inside the house (they take up too much room)
    7. Pantsing the neighbors should be discouraged. They might not find it funny. (and... they are invited to the party too)
    8. Nudity shall be confined to somewhere in the city, not to exceed 1500 miles from the house.
    9. Skinny dipping in the snow drifts will not be acceptable
    10. Tuna must be left in the designated school parking zone, and shall not be smoked.
    11. If you plan on getting high, bring enough for everyone... all 60 of us (expensive isn't it? since its so expensive, leave it home, we don't want it)
    12. "Adult games" to be restricted to rooms where smalls (kids) will not attend. That sort of puts a damper on them eh?
    13. If you show up early, you will be put to work.
      If you show up before 10:00 AM be prepared to wear high heels, and stockings. (No matter your normal clothing preferences)
    14. bidding for spankings will start at $35. $15 for smalls (kids).
    15. We have too many fans in the house, no shit kicking allowed. too easy to hit the fans....
    16. If you have too much of the Holiday Spirit, be prepared to surrender your keys, and not leave til the following morning. (we want to have our friends show up at the NEXT party, not us have to show up at unplanned get togethers due to accidents)
      If you are still drinking in the morning, you'll be kept safe until you are sober... no matter how long it takes. (we have ropes AND handcuffs to keep you in line)
    17. Overnight guests must ...
      Oh, never mind.
    18. Other rules to be added as needed. :-)

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