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Or a Drakkar azure, en chief Azure three compass roses Or regstered July 1991
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Who is Eirik Göransson?
  • Eirik Göransson (a persona in the Society for Creative Anachronisms, Inc.) is a Swedish viking from ca. 900 AD (Played by Rob Baldassano).
    • Whenever Eirik stops in a port (OK raids a port), he goes away with the materials and trinkets of the region. Thus he is always wearing something new and interesting. Some years ago, Eirik left a region with a trinket ... A wife. She wass Euriol of Lothian. A fiesty, woman who likes to see the world. Now over time the fiesty woman found that she was not happy being the wife of a grizzled old Viking, and the old Viking also felt that it was something best to handle by letting her be where she wanted to be.
    • While they were together Eirik and Euriol begat 2 sons. Stephanus, and Ian.They have decided to learn the ways of their father, and as such live with him, even though Euriol takes them on her own little adventures now and again.
    • On yet another raid of a close by port (cause he's getting older still, and needs to stay close to where the rum and beer is at), Eirik found yet another lass who sounded like she would enjoy hanging out with a grizzled old man. Now mind you, this lass (Ellisiff by name) is a firey, fiesty, wench who speaks her own mind, and doesn't let him get away with anything. But she also tends to his wounds, and keeps him out of trouble. Eirik LOVES Ellisiff, and spending time with her..
  • Who does he "Play" with?
  • What does Eirik do?
    • In addition to being Branch Exchequer for the Barony of Endless Hills;
      I also, dance (on occassion), pretend to do armorering (because I am not good at it. Watch others do Calligraphy, Sing (when no one stops me) Assist with the Constabulary, Watch the kids, Marshal, Herald, I've gotten interested in thrown weapons and archery, but don't have time for them, and I do assorted other activities.
      I have held office in local groups as:
      Seneschal, Herald, Constable, Web Administrator, and Chatelaine.
  • Awards
    • I personally feel that I get my "Awards" and rewards by the fulfillment of a job well done. Although, I have received my AoA (At the hand of Alfred and Tyne). At Jingles AS XXXI. I received Corolla Aulica's from Their Highnesses Leon and Kiriana. For a more complete listing of my awards, seek the scribes at the Herald's pavilion on the web.
  • How long have I been in the SCA?
    • I have been in the SCA on and off, since 1987. Full time since 1988. Most people would consider themselves "old timers" at this point, however, there is still too much to learn to call myself that.
      I am just an aging Newbie. :-)
Who is Rob Baldassano?

I was born in Great Falls Montana in 1966, My father was in the military so we moved around a bit (ok a lot). we have travelled across the country and lived in many places. Including,
  • Mountain Top, PA
  • Forty Fort, PA
  • Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA,
  • Omaha Nebraska
  • Brooklyn New York
  • Lompoc, CA
  • San Jose, CA
  • Clearlake, CA
  • Marysville, CA
  • and other assorted spots
With the move to our latest home, (in 2004) I have now counted 60 residences as "permanent". Meaning that I have spent over 2 months living in the residence.

My Interests include:

  • SCA
  • Motorcycles
  • Sports
    I enjoy sports; however, I find that I get more enjoyment out of the game if I attend in person. Watching it on T.V. does not really interest me. (Too many commercial breaks).
  • Writing/Reading stories and Poetry
To see where I am at workwise, see my resume on-line.

I am 5'8" and shrinking :-( (I started at 5'10")
I am shrinking mostly due to a motorcycle accident in 1997. I injured my back at that point, and have been steadily "settling in" on my new height. (I'm hoping that I've gotten there now). My weight fluctuates so much it isn't worth mentioning. I have blonde (getting darker) hair, and Blue eyes.
We were married in 1992, by Judge Cappacciolli. In 1993 we had our first child (Erik), and early 1995 we had our second (and last) child (Stephen). In 2005 Cassandra and I split up, and we are going through a (congenial) divorce. meaning that neither one of us has hired a hit man, or wants ill will towards the other.
Both boys are energetic, and outgoing. Friendly and talkative.
The toughest part about being a parent, that I have yet to contend with is getting the boys to go to bed at a regular time (I don't myself, so I find it hard to enforce a "Bedtime" on them).

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