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The life of a small business owner

our small business
The first venue Dracowolf and Fairy Scents teamed up in 2010!


Ok, I probably have a micro-business, not a small business.  But it is home made, family run, indie, etc.. and so forth.  It has been a long road for us and our shop has evolved plenty over the years.  Owning a own small business and working from home, is not at all what you might think it is.  On top of all the regular home affairs and chores around to remind of what else you could be doing, you have to find the motivation and passion to do all the SEO, branding, marketing, research, supply ordering, and design and product creation…and, especially in my genre of retail, find time to get in touch with at spiritual aspect that makes it all so worth while!!

Here’s a look at how to keep that small business dream of yours going and maybe make some money too!!





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