3 Reasons to buy with Dracowolf

We live in an age where you can just about everything you could ever desire with a few clicks of a button. From a new spirit board to an obscure herb for your latest spell, if you can google, you can have it. That doesn’t mean you are always getting a good item, an ethical item, or a unique item.

What many people don’t realize is that one-stop witch shops order the majority of their products from one or more large-scale distributors. There is nothing inherently wrong with this in our free-market economy. Few shop owners go out of their way to add in local artisan goods or independent creative’s works and many creatives try to persevere a few bucks of their profit by trying to go their own way and not to pay commissions for larger stores selling their product. An even stickier situation is that it’s difficult to scale a creative’s workshop and process up to meet the standards needed to do mass distribution while maintaining the original quality of your favorite product.


Support Small Business!

Especially in these pandemic times, we should all be finding ways to support all sorts of small businesses. Mom and pop establishments are the foundation of many people’s lives and the ability to have livelihoods.  Unlike other workers, thought, small business owners assume all the financial and physical risk just for having a dream of offering someone a product or service. 

While we are all finding ways to support each other through these times, I thought I would put out there a few reasons why you should consider buying with Dracowolf.

Top 3 reasons to buy with Dracowolf

Quality Witchy gear for a fair price

So much of the gemstone jewelry out on the market is so dainty, finely crafted, and fancy. While I love my bling, I am also not that kind of witch. I am a get your hands dirty kind of which. I need spell gear and witch wear for my active and, at times, rough lifestyle. I want a quartz piece I’m not afraid to take in the woods with me because I might lose or break it. I also want it to look smashing. This is why I do what I do. If it’s too delicate, I don’t want to sell it.

We really appreciate each order

We show that appreciation by taking extra time and care with packaging making sure to put our special touch on everything we send out, getting our quality just right, and by making sure you are completely happw with your purchase.

Your order directly supports our ability to serve you

Without our loyal customers and followers, we wouldn’t be able to expand our product lines or keep improving our business.

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