Witches, pumpkins, and dragons, oh my!

Witches, pumpkins, and dragons are here!

Here’s some new stuff I’ve been working for the Luzerne Fall Fest this weekend!  Are you going to be there?

Here’s the info about the festival

Sorry the pics are rotated to one side, WP doesn’t like my phone photos for some reason!

Silvery snaky Dragon









Silver dragon clutching quartz









Brown dragon clutching hematite, the pic doesn’t do him justice.  His dimensions are much nice in person, you will just have to see it at teh fest.









My army of little wooden witch dolls!









Pumpkin and Jack o’lantern earrings









These white pumpkin earrings have to by my favorite, and I will be making more of these, as I’ve had a really good response to them already!  I already sold some!



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