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The Path of Magick-How do you become a witch?

The path of magick is all about the journey, not the title you arrive at.

We all a specific purposes, even if we don’t understand exactly what or why. Each of us has parts of many webs of power. Each of us play different roles in each of those webs. A witch or a person who works with magick is someone who will walk with the Divine and spirits or entities. This is a spiritual path that requires you to walk in both this world and the world beyond, the world of spirits and miracles,and to be able to function in all of those realms of reality.

Because of this, balance is important. So many people talk about balance like it’s some enlightened state. But what most people don’t talk enough about, is the walking of the talk and getting through it all to bring that balance into being. It’s an issue of will, power, and choice. And it’s something that has be woven and rewoven every day.

In my early thirties, spider goddess/woman came to me in a lucid dream. In the dream, my husband and I were standing along a coastal highway road, we stopped at an abandoned building that looked like it had been a store or office at one point. The goddess sent a representative out to meet us and tell me that a Goddess had come to meet with me. The representative pulled out a little drum, and began playing it as he led me round and round in a spiral before entering into the building. The representative was explaining that his was all rather impromptu and that this place was the closest place the goddess could find an entryway way into somewhere close to me. He seemed to indicate that there was usually more to this meeting process, but this was the only window of opportunity the goddess had for such direct contact (I didn’t know what that meant in the dream, and don’t know quite what it means even today)to begin to initiate me into her clan of weavers. I was led down to the basement of the empty building, where the Goddess was coming through a large hole in the wall. She seemed to feel generally displeased about having to come through a gateway into such a dump, but the moment was what was important. She wanted to teach me her life weaving, web building. I was pretty scared at such a dark figure coming to me, as the representative hadn’t said who was meeting me. But the Goddess herself was not dark or evil, despite the damp and dreary location of the gateway she came through.

It was the strangest experience that had happened in a while at that point. I have never been a spider person. I spent a few years trying to figure out what she intended on teaching me. Slowly, patterns and memories of things that I had connected with over the years began to reveal their deeper meaning. Over the years she taught me how to weave that web of magick and daily life into something sustaining and nourishing.

It’s taken a while to filter back out what wasn’t working in my life before this point, and it has been an amazing trip. Ultimately, bringing balance into being in my life, in a way that is easier to maintain and build rather than clinging to solid and physical things and others for security. I had long been praying for way to maintain security for my family, but I had been seeking to rely patterns of using my resources (time and energy are included in this) which just didn’t work. Weaving is teaching me to use myself and my own energies (and those my helpers and connections) to weave the kinds of supports I need in order to adapt to my changing daily life of work and kids. It to brought a deep realization to the surface of my mind, that no matter how solid the word security sounds, it is anything but solid and fixed. It can, and in some cases should, be rebuilt daily. We should be weaving our energies daily around ourselves and our lives in order to meet the needs of the day and to catch whatever blessings Spirit sends our way. Webs can be built anywhere there is little place they can catch hold, they don’t need anything but our effort and creativity to be built.

These lessons did not come at a point in my life when I appreciated such an upheaval. The thing about spiritual lessons is that they don’t always come when you think you need them most. They came in their own time and place. Once I stopped resisting, started listening, and began to welcome the words of the lesson, it taught me a new way of working and spinning my own energy and creating ripples of change. I would never have chosen Spider to work with me, but I am glad she is much wiser than I.

And so it is, with those who chose to align themselves with something greater than their being. Being a witch or magick worker is about attuning and re-attuning ourselves to the ever-changing Creation around us. It is about working in partnership with the spirits, Deities, guides, ancestors, and helpers we have available to us. It is about living in communion with our multidimensional allies, even the ones here in this here and now.

You become a witch by honing the gifts and abilities that are unique to you, which serve to bring you into communication and communion with all that is around you and the All of who you are.

It is to hone your use of Will and Wisdom to become the Creator of the life you desire to live.

Each of us will almost always feel want and whimsy. Needing $50 or a pair of concert tickets is small magick.

The healing into the wholeness and powerfulness of who you are is the greater work of a witch.

There is no one path. No one tradition. No one true ritual or ceremony or initiation.  There is no DNA or lineage that we know of yet that makes one an official witch.

It is a powerful choice lived into being, breathe after breathe, lesson after lesson.



Personal homework: What are your concerns and/or fears about learning magick? How would you feel if you learned that some of the fears were unfounded? Please write three (3) paragraphs about your personal fears, worries, or concerns about the path of magick.

End of section assignment:

In your own words, and using what you have learned about what magick is, please describe the path which has led you to taking this course.

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