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The Grand Conjunction, Yule, and settling in for the holidays

Tuning into the energies of the day prompted me to publish a few notes about what I feel is going down during these historic astrological and Earthly event. In the past, I’ve been able to glean messages intended for the larger spiritual community. But these energies are different, much more dynamic and personally healing.


A brief recap of what’s going down before we get too into things here. Jupiter and Saturn are going to be just about in total alignment this Solstice. The king of big plans and goals is coming into alignment with the king of getting shit done the right way. They are both, and for the next two months so are most other planets in our system, about to transition into Aquarius. While Aquarius can be a bit pushy about what they believe, this influence is also about looking at the ideal of things should be. 

This event has been dubbed “The Christmas Star”, as similar events were supposed to have happened in the Christian birth of Jesus mythos. This alignment also happened at the end of the Dark ages of Europe, heralding the Renaissance. Coupled with the year we just had as a planet, the theme of “rebirth” or a “new age” is obviously a theme here. If you’ve been following astrology since 1999 to present day, you are bound to have noticed all the trends and themes of this earthly world undergoing a revamping process. This particular conjunction, while historic, isn’t really alone in signaling something new beginning. Uranus’ transit shift two years ago certainly brought a lot of upheavals, not to mention the events of this year. 


We aren’t simply going to slip out of this messy transition period either. Yes, things will slowly settle out, things will get back to some sort of normal. But this isn’t a one and done. This is a process over the next few years of consciously choosing how we all want to build things back up. There has to be chaos and shake-ups in order to get things reorganized and supported better. 


While the conjunction does bring a re-imagining of our ideals and what we really want to dedicate ourselves to, all that idealism has to start in the hole we are all in. It starts with how we enjoy and experience our lives at this moment and what we are going to do to change that for the next moment. All these big choices start now with how you are going handle the shit in front of you and what you really, truly deeply, want to happen.

As this particular alignment works on your dreams and the places where you are still stuck in the past, keep an eye on where this leaves your present moment. Big dreams can feel too far away to really embrace in this present moment and admittedly there might not be much that is going to be effective toward those big dreams in the next couple of months, action-wise. But the clearer you can get in your own alignment, the smoother this transition will seem. 


For witchy folk, alignment is everything. The best spell to get you out of a paper bag isn’t going to work if you don’t also let go of being in the paper bag and make some effort at release. This conjunction should be helping you to see that life outside of the paper bag is pretty good and that the time is coming where you will be able to live outside the paper bag. 


We just aren’t there quite yet. Dig deep magick bringers into what the world outside the paper bag will mean for you. Let your energetic alignment to what you love, dance, and flow through you till the time where you can make some concrete choices! Let your holiday celebrations flow through you and yours, as a grand gala to celebrate and be in gratitude for the choices yet to come. Those choices can be as glorious as you can imagine them

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