What you need to know about the Feb. 2021 Grand Earth Trine

We’re finally fully into the energy of 2021.

With the upcoming Grand Earth Trine coming this full moon weekend, you being grounding into a new pace. 

I have to say this past Mercury retrograde was rough. For Saturn, like’s the ride my ass about all the could have, would have, should haves. It took until mid-February for that energy to begin to clearing, when Mercury went direct and reset the tone of the cosmic environment we all live in. 

But it’s an interesting energy to work with, because it’s all green means go and you’re free to act. 

There is an interplay with Uranus and Saturn that speaks to all of us having to, not just work with what you have, but also work with new rules, restrictions, and limitations that could come into play. 

For us clever witches, this presents opportunity. Uranus is going to be present to help us seize opportunities and solutions, which you might not have considered before. 

For the very clever, or maybe lazy witch within us, change at the reality-perception level is the place to be. It might not be enough to simply update some routines. It might serve you a thousand times better to find the vision of how you want your daily life to go in this energy period, and live, decide, act, and breathe from that space.  Even if it’s not entirely manifested in your life yet. 

How to make the most of the upcoming energy

Now I’m not one of those witches who is going to tell you that you have to act a certain way during any astrological energy, cuz, we’re all always living in some kind of astrological influence. Every year there are a few retrograde, a few eclipses, etc… It’s a cycle that doesn’t stop, and we can’t stop living and acting simply because the stars in certain positions. 

But you can use the energies present to boost your magick and move forward in certain ways. It’s just being magically savvy and efficient. 

This coming full moon-Grand Earth Trine, is going to be time when you should be able to easily open up to much larger dreams, visions, and possibilities. That energy is exactly what you need to see past or through any obstacles, restrictions, or limitations that Saturn might throw your way.

Use this full moon period to:

Energy Helpers for this Full Moon:


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