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You are cordially invited to our 1st New Moon fest!

For me the magick of New Moon (and Full moon, at that rate) is two-fold. So many books and teachers spend a lot of time categorizing all the correspondences and astrological events without looking a little deeper into the actions work in our lives.

But within a few short hours, the moon passes into the waxing phase and the energies are set to expansion and growth. So why think of this sabbat as only one thing?

Holistically speaking, I find that New Moon magick is more effective when you work both baneful and additive magick in a two-step process. First, you remove what got you off track last cycle, you clear that energy pattern from your life. Then as you are looking forward, you add in what qualities and support you will need to chart a new(er) course for the next cycle. 

I find a lot of magickal analogy through gardening terms. I would liken this to cleaning out the garden bed from last winter and then adding the compost, trellises, and guardians to the newly prepped space to allow good and steady growth.

What better way to prep your goal-intention-seedlings for the year to come than with the some New Moon Magick!

1st New Moon Fest

I’m throwing together a mini-festival online to help us clear out our energy from 2020 and prep the garden for the growth which 2021 will bring. Astrologically speaking, 2021 isn’t going to be a year of instant fixes, where everything falls back to the way it was before 2020. But it’s going to give you a lot of choices on how you begin rebuilding your home, community, and greater society.

If nothing else, 2020 has certainly given a mission to celebrate as often as possible. It was a hard years for me and mine with loss very close to home early into the pandemic. And now, I want to celebrate…everything, life, new choices, magick, and the gift of breath each of still has. 

So I will put together a little moony ritual goodness, call in our Witch Mother, do a little guided meditation, and put together some awesome product collections to help you release 2020 and create a more supportive space in your life for growth.

Sound Good? Sound like fun?


Just RSVP by signing up in the form below!

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