For my Aunt Sandy: A Spiritual look at grief

A glance at grief and spirituality
As Rumi said of himself, I spill sad energy all over the place, not remembering that the root of my being is part of the eternal source. But on these occasions, with a return of a soul to the source, it becomes undeniable that our souls and purposes are completely entwined with each other. One cannot live or breath with causing ripples in reality which will touch another’s life. My aunt spent 62 years upon this mortal plane, and while her last years were full of suffering, from which she could not escape, her soul held strong and true to the truth imprinted on her heart. While she and I spoke the same message from different religions, we both knew the deeper message was what is important. While at times the differences in how the message was presented, we challenged each other to look deeper at what we were attempting to communicate. So many times I think I ended up focusing on the little details of what was happening in the moment, that I could not see beyond them. Looking that closely, I cannot see who stands beside or behind me. I cannot see my family or friends, other than what I need to do for them. I cannot see those who came before, my ancestors, pointing the clear way forward. Looking so closely, I cannot see that while it is my path, sometimes it is not me doing the walking, sometimes…..I cannot see who carries me.


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