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How I do psychic tarot readings!

I have been asked this quite a few time over the course of my time preforming psychic readings in person and online. First of all, in my psychic readings, when I use my tarot deck, I don’t read the traditional meanings of the cards, as one could read from a book. There are so many different interpretations of decks based on the rider Waite system of cards, that it makes it difficult for any one person to simply choose which meaning or interpretation from which one should read. I have been reading tarot since I was fourteen years old, and have found that the most accurate way for me to read, is not by the books at all. Instead, I let the card and my guide send me the message they want to convey. It still takes a delicate internal balance in order to listen closely to what is trying to be passed and to be able to get the words together to make the message into something useful and meaningful, as many times messages can be layered across many levels, are symbolic, and/or contain a bit of irony in them. I do still read books and articles on tarot meaning and reading, as I like to draw from many different perspectives and try new techniques to improve results.

Many times, even a simple “yes or no question”, is answered for me in “yes, but…” kind of response. Even during my free readings, I run an inner dialog with the spirits through my mind, heart, and being, listening for messages, feedback about my interpretations, or for additional information.

What is most important in my psychic tarot readings, seems to be getting the whole message across, even if it takes more than one card and sometimes a little explanation on what specifically I am seeing or hearing.

I do not like to do cold readings, where I have little to no information from the client about their questions. The more detail I can get the more accurate my readings tend to be, because then I am not only reading the cards, but also the client’s state of mind and their feelings toward the problem they are having.

When I initially put my feelers out for doing any psychic readings, I look for the story going behind the messages and card, so context for is important and drawing the same card twice may not always mean the same thing.

There are those times, when you want to keep asking the same question in different ways, but the cards only have one answer for you, and they will repeat the same cards for the same question if there is nothing more you need to know about it. While generally speaking, my guides and helpers are compassionate beings and willing to try to help you with your questions, they do tend to “tell it like it is” and would like to see everyone do everything they need to do to manifest their dreams and wishes or change their situation from bad to good.

If you aren’t willing to put in the work to help make your dreams reality, whether it’s love, business, or your spiritual path, there is little any spirit guide can to do to really help you. In my psychic readings, my guides and guardians always seem to stress the things you can do to help improve your life and that humans are extremely powerful beings, because they have the power of choice and action. Never underestimate those two forces in your life!

Always embrace your power as co-creator with your guides!

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