Dreamcasting Planner: Intuitive Dream planner for a sacred, flowing business and life


Manifesting your dreams and vision isn’t about sticking to the plans or filling up your calendar. It’s about who are you being called to BECOME!


Manifesting your dreams and vision isn’t about sticking to the plans or filling up your calendar, it’s about who are you being called to BECOME?

Knowing how you want to feel and be, is the first step to intuitive planning for life, business, and dreams. But faking it till you make it doesn’t cut it. In fact, it hurts you. Especially if your sensitive, intuitive, or spiritually open. Even more to the point, the sensitive or intuitive Goddess who is trying to grow or birth a business themselves Planning for dreams isn’t a linear process, it’s an intuitive one! This is why so many other programs and planners just don’t work the way you want them to, or at least only work when you’re in active mode.

The act of creating change in our lives is a rite of CREATION, not simply planning. As we create, we are guided to become more so we can make that birthing happen. We are called to be more closely aligned to our Divine self, more intuitively connected, more open. No other planning system will help you through this process of Spiritual Be-ing AND knocking your goals out of the park.

What would your business and life look and feel like if they were rooted in Divine Wisdom, genius, and creativity?

The Dreamcasting planner helps you build your joyful devotion to your process of Becoming: short- and long-term dreams in life and business, personal and spiritual growth, and holistic well-being through intuitive and creative processes, mind mapping, dreamcasting meditations and worksheets, and manifestation sheets for every level of planning. It also has space to reflect what feelings and thoughts are holding you back and gives you the tools to help clear those obstacles.

It’s the ultimate marriage of practical details and the woo-magick that works!!

What’s Inside The Dreamcasting planning program?

  • The Dreamcasting Framework: Connecting to true desires, dreaming and honing vision, crafting your personal rites of creation, and setting your vision  into motion for the year, quarter/season, month, week, and day.
    • Chapters included: Planning for Intuition, Divining Goal clarity, Crafting your Rites of Being, and so much to activate your dream manifestation big time!!
  • Full business planning and review worksheets for the new or growing coach, healer, reader, practitioner, or creative entrepreneur. Plan for blogging, sales, lead and tribe relationship building, and product development from your place of genius and Divine wisdom!!
  • Perpetual monthly, weekly, and daily manifestation sheets, rites, and meditations for developing spirit-led intentions, plans, tasks, self-care devotions, and the energy and motivation your dreams need for being brought forth.
  • Soul Attunement meditations for every step along the way, PLUS rites and meditations for moving through feelings, procrastination, resistance, and overwhelm.
  • Review and celebration Rites of Being for every step along the way for busting resistance, keeping your energy high, and keeping tuned to Soul’s guidance.

extra bonus


An Astrological forecast of the cosmic influences for the year so you can plan for Divine influences and opportunities.

Don’t just plan, Co-create!






The Dreamcasting planner is perpetual. It’s set up for you to start your year whenever is right for you. So your New Year could start on your birthday, Beltane, Samhain, or whenever Dreamcasting enters your life! And it’s completely based on finding and working your personal flow!! Print what you need when you need it, you can journal the rest!!


What’s the key to Dreamcasting?

The key to the Dreamcasting process is turning guidance into a revolution and constant practice of inspired action in your life. The more we attune ourselves to Spirit and Divine and learn to let that aspect of ourselves inform and lead our actions, the faster we manifest our dreams! Getting and staying stuck is a choice, Dreamcasting will teach you to build a framework for your life that will help keep you flowing, unstuck, and constantly moving toward your dreams and visions. Along with the PDF, you will also get a series of meditations which will help you attune to your Divine potential and get a roadmap to where you are being called to more Divinely YOU.

Meditations include:

  • 10 Year Dreamcasting Journey
  • 1 Year Dreamcasting Journey
  • Seasonal/quarterly Dreamcasting
  • Monthly Dreamcasting
  • Weekly Dreamcasting
  • Daily Dreamcasting
  • Meditation for Release and Healing

Create a revolution of Divinely Inspirited Action in your life!


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