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Should psychic readings be done for money?

Psychic readings for money?
I wanted to address something about the way I work my chat room and even personal psychic readings. There are so many people who believe that psychic readings should be done free of charge, because psychic abilities were meant to be shared.  But here is my perspective on living as a balanced, working psychic.

I very much lean toward the spiritualists beliefs that gifts, when they are given and the calling devoted to, is something that should be shared. A person with gifts can make a business out of using their gifts, but they are also expected to give back to the community. Spiritualist communities do offer special services where mini-readings are done for free for those who attend the service. You can find out more about Spiritualism and the community of Lilydale on Lake Erie, in New york, here. Formally, I am not a member of a Spiritualist Assembly, but a lot of their teachings and philosophy really resonate with me.

In the end, by giving back to the community with free psychic readings and doing paid-for-readings, things balance out for me, my spirit helpers, and how I work with my gifts. And I do believe they are meant to balance out like that. I made the “vow” to try and help people by using my gifts, which I trained with, which I struggle with, and live with, but it is a contract with Spirit also. I help those who cross my path for psychic readings, and my needs are met, whether each individual pays me money, or with something other resource, or not at all.

Mundanely, this works out because I have a certain amount of hours I have to fulfill online through my service provider.  Because I agreed to work for that company and also agreed to the spirits to set aside that specific amount of time each week. I ask the spirits to be sure to send those who need a help in the form of psychic readings to me in the window of time I have dedicated to do this kind of working. I do take other readings as well, and help those who to come in person, whether paying or not. But it does balance out, I meet my hours, my financial needs, and I work to try give people a little clarity. I don’t feel that I could honestly ask for more, considering I have other obligations, like children, a whole other business, and so forth.

fox sisters
I believe these are Fox sisters, two of whom traveled as performing psychics, doing seances asking for table raps to their questions. There home was moved to Lilydale to honor them.


Those people who will pay for my full time and attention to their questions in psychic readings, are intent on compensating me. Others need help before they can compensate me. Some people are just really desperate for any kind of guidance at all. But this system is also in-line with most psychic reading companies policies and generally how we are finding that social marketing works.  By doing readings in a public setting I am demonstrating myself and with my psychic reading company, and advertising both.  By doing free mini-readings, I am still serving myself, and the company that I also represent, while I am also serving the balance of reader and client.  But I thank everyone for their concern over how I do work things and whether I am being used or being taken advantage of. Thank you for caring!

I must say my current life lesson is that can no longer afford to undervalue my own time and effort, so just by taking the step to work for a large online psychic company, I am actively working on this issue and seeking balance and peace with it.

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