Who Believes in You? The flip side of spirit communication

A half remembered idea come to my head about Spirit communication as I was watching an episode of “Bones”.  It was about a case the main character was cracking in New Orleans, which of course, because of the shows perchance of oddity, had to do with Voodoo. Several times one of the side characters tells the main characters that the spirits in Voodoo don’t need to be believed in for their magick to effect you, because they have to power to believe in you. This was not the first time I have heard this. My professor in college had earned her first internship for Anthropology working in a Southern Voodoo root shop, and the phrasing of the statement about spirits and their power of belief in mortals was pretty much exactly what my professor had been told from her root shop days.

What would it mean if perhaps instead of focusing more on ourselves and our beliefs, we all might need to focus on what was is already around us. I don’t simply mean traffic or the change of seasons. If “as above, so below” is true, it would mean there are a vast amount of cycles, different beings, and complex relations going on on the “up-side” of the World Tree. What would happen if we stopped for a moment and took a gander around to see “what or who believed in us”?

Now I have always had trouble understand Belief. I don’t quite see why people feel so vindicated or righteous for BELIEVING something. I don’t believe in Creator…I feel, commune with, and experience Creator. Further, the night I saw my first apparition, I tried to give her a ride in my car before I was ready to acknowledge I was seeing a ghost. But I didn’t believe I saw something that night, I know I did and I know that she experienced me. “As above, so below”; if we feel and experience them, then they can KNOW and feel and experience us, as well.

Perhaps my original pondering was off mark. Perhaps our focus should not be on who knows us or can experience us in this life, but rather that we might learn much about ourselves by asking how and why we are known to others from the “Otherside”.


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