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Full Moon time: Create your joy

During Full Moon time, I am usually abuzz with ideas and the will to create.  I like to piece things apart and figure out how to put them back together, usually with improvements.  When I get inspired to create, it’s usually because I saw something which caught my eye and imagination.  I like to mentally trace (to say it differently, I use my imagination) over the process an artist took and feel out how a piece was created and how it developed.  But, because it’s a creative process in general, my rendition is never the same thing as something anyone else created. It’s actually quite hard to re-create something exactly as you saw it.  You may not have all the same findings, knowledge of technique, or even taste in color or size.  Whatever you make WILL be unique to you, and unique to where you are in your creative process.  You might never be able to reproduce (or want to) something you made yourself!  But that’s okay, that’s part of how this all works.  Create your joy!

On many a  night when its full moon time and she is bright, I am in tizzy of creative energy.  I end up pulling out a sketch journal and some pencils and pens to sketch out the ideas I like and the variations I have come up with.  I have papers scattered about, which I have to consolidate into one journal every so often, filled with diagrams, arrows, notes about colors and components, and any creation notes I think I might forget when reading over later on.  Once I have a concept to work from, I look at what bit and pieces I have, I see if there is anything I need to buy especially for what I want to make.  From that point, I work intuitively to piece things together until they feel right, until it has balance and presence (This is presuming that you know what all your little bits and piece of supplies are capable of doing for you.  Though that knowledge can come from just messing around with things, in addition to reading or watching tutorials.).  Sometimes I am able to make several pieces that are similar, but in different color combinations, different accents, and so forth.  I guess I never want to the final decision to say the piece will always look like this, so I make more than one and try out different bead schemes, color themes, slightly different style choices.  I never consider finishing any piece as my finishing point for creation. Most of my designs are up for reworking or re-purposing, especially when a piece or component slips into that “eureka” moment where I know exactly what to do with it.

For those of you out there with an idea, a dream to make something, know that there is no “one way” to do it!  Take your time to research all the different versions there are already out there.  Learn and tweak your concepts from what you see, from what you like, and from what you don’t like.  Creative time is play time and experiment time.  Don’t stop playing, and trying new methods and techniques, until the piece says what you want it to say!  Find your process, create your joy!


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