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Feeding High Vibes for Witches


This has been a wicked year. I’m probably not the only one. Sooo much change all at once, so many things I would love to have the time and heart to resist. It’s time to feed the higher vibes, because staying stuck isn’t healthy. But all I have the time and heart for is being me, and being present with my feelings. Most of the time. Today I have a little extra to give. Today I choose to raise the vibe.

This weekend we went to one of my favorite places in the world. The energy there always affects me, always brings me up and brings me to new places within myself.  While I was there I made a few choices. I chose to continue to attempt to raise the vibration, the love, the feelings in my own life. Not because bad things aren’t happening already, not because I’m not in pain. But because it’s what’s needed, it feel good. It’s what I desire above all else, that feeling of being one with the light I see and feel as a sensitive. To that open, honest with myself, even while experiencing pain.

The greatest danger to most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.


I’ve rarely been one to dream small. But pain has a funny way of making us contract and focus all at the same time. Living by morels, ethics, center of light, cannot stop pain from happening. Painful things will happen. Our souls and energy will shrink back down, to “safe levels” of being. But in the end, I am left with the question, “What would make this experience worth it?”

This weekend a bought a small stash of items, tools to shift and rise up. Did I need them? No, they were simply things. But the pink Himalayan salt, the quartz votive holder, the magnetic stone, and the white sage soap are all tools for cleansing, releasing, and building the flow back up.  Even though I was called to take these things home with me this weekend in my fav little town, I know I am simply answer a deeper, internal, call from my guides and guardians. I am feeding the higher vibrations, making room for them to take root.

Our guides and guardians are there to push us beyond the immediate experience we are in, to ask the deeper questions and to keep us on our own path of shift, transformation, transmutation. You are not your pain or your circumstances. You are and always were, so much more than that. Can you imagine how much stronger you will be when you are ready to release the pain you are feeling now?

How will you transmute your pain into something full of light?

Tell me in the comments below, how are you going to raise your vibe?

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