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Magicking up your Yule Tree

The Yule Tree (Tennebaum) and the Yule log (Germanic-Scandinavian roots) are very pagan traditions. Yet it can feel tough to find specifically pagan or witchy yule-time symbols to decorate and celebrate with. 

Unless you celebrate the reborn God (not Jesus, more like Cernunnos or the Wild Green man), then it always feels like you’re left with stars, mistletoe, and cute woodland creatures to use for your Yule celebrations. There’s nothing wrong with any of those symbols, mind you. I am slowly building an army of cute woodland creatures, among other things which I will talk about in a bit.

For such a big holiday in modern times, I’m left wondering how do you put the Yule back in Yuletide.

magicking up your yule tree
Photo by Ivan Torres from Pexels

Adding magick to your Yule Tree

Maybe I’m a stickler, or maybe, just for once, I would love so see my beliefs reflected in a Hallmark ornament, but we all have an obsession with the Yule tree (I refuse to call it, at least this year, what everyone else calls it, because I want to reclaim it’s heritage).  As much as we’re geeky here, I’m beginning to feel Disney and Star Wars shouldn’t be on my sacred Yule tree if I don’t honestly feel it’s meaningful. 

Letting your kids add something meaningful to them aside, the Yule tree is a focal point of holiday magic and wonder. So why aren’t more of us using it as a focal point or altar (so to speak) for Magick (with a K, the witchy kind). 

Ornaments are a good place to start, for this modern take a Yule tree.

Using ornaments in for Holiday Magick

Good Symbols for pagan ornaments

Sharing Holiday Magick

Sharing is always part of the magick of the Dark times of the year. 

Whether it’s sharing a hot beverage on a cold night, finding the perfect meaningful gift, or doing a witchy ornament exchange, the perfect gift, in this and any season, are those given freely in perfect and love and trust!

Don't have time to make your own ornaments? Here's some witchy and pagan ornaments from Dracowolf

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